Experience Easter 2022 will be the third year that we’ve been unable to welcome schools into Trinity Church. However, thanks to ‘new look’ videos and the brilliant support of volunteers from a wide range of different Abingdon churches we’ll still be ‘virtually’ welcoming hundreds of school children to this year’s event.

Experience Easter 2022 – what’s new?

Experience Easter is a series of reflective workshops, specially developed by TrinityLearning to allow Key Stage 2 children (7 to 11-year-olds) to access the Easter Story in a meaningful way. Last year, due to lockdown, our intrepid volunteers had to film their Experience Easter workshops from home, with very little support. This year, we were able to offer more technical support to volunteers and a snazzy new clip-on microphone for better sound quality!  Many volunteers re-filmed their workshops in and around Trinity Church, giving more of a flavour of the ‘live’ Experience Easter event.

Packs, packs, packs!

We’ve supported children taking part in this year’s virtual event with 384 resource packs and 14 teacher packs sent out to six local schools. The children’s resource packs contain everything they need to work through the Experience Easter workshops and allow them to work on simple activities to consider their own emotions as they learn about the Easter story.

Valued volunteers

Experience Easter – whether online or in person – would simply not happen if it wasn’t for our wonderful volunteers who give up their time so generously to support us. We’ve been fortunate this year to welcome more volunteers from across a wide range of Abingdon churches. From recording videos to rolling hundreds of plasticine balls, threading hundreds of beads and making up packs, volunteer support has been tremendous and we cannot thank each volunteer enough!

Join us online to Experience Easter for yourself

Our workshops and activities are open to all and can easily be watched and done from home. Everything you need is online – workshops, stickers and ideas for simple crafts – and can be worked through at your own pace.

So, join us in Experience Easter 2022 at: https://trinitylearning.org.uk/experience-easter-2022/ and if you have any feedback or photos of your crafts, please do email us we’d love to hear from you.