At TrinityLearning we bring together trained staff, volunteers and other agencies, to create a wide variety of projects tailored specifically for individual schools. Our core funding is provided by the URC Wessex Trust and the Wantage Methodist Circuit which enables us to offer our services free to state schools. We can provide all relevant paperwork such as risk-assessments and letters to parents.

Weekly Volunteer Projects

Thinking books – trained volunteer mentors meet weekly with pupils for 10 weeks to read and discuss carefully selected books, focusing on inference of feelings and developing empathy.  

Workshops – suitable for KS1 and KS2 

  • Toolkit for Happiness – a series of six workshops to enable children to learn about different strategies to boost their happiness, such as getting out into nature, doing exercise, helping others or feeling thankful.
  • ‘Hello Abingdon’ community newsletter – workshops to enable a group of children to plan, write and distribute a local magazine.
  • DIY assembly – a series of six workshops designed to enable a group of children to deliver an assembly to their class, Key Stage, or school.

Other Quality of Life Projects

  • Wildlife Safari Walks – follow a walk in your local area. This is also available as a workshop programme to enable children to develop their own Wildlife Safari Walks.
  • Planning purposeful, creative, mindful play spaces and calming activities.
  • Prayer Spaces – we work closely with the Abingdon Prayer Spaces team. We can create a ‘chill-out zone’ during the summer exam period or work with students to help them to create their own.

To find out more contact our Education Development Officer, Nicola Williams at or on 07754 116004