TrinityLearning believes that every child has the potential to inspire others and that by doing so they will recognise and extend their own skills and qualities. Giving children and young people opportunities to lead projects and assemblies, share news with their local communities and help others, enables them to understand the value of  volunteering and being part of a wider community.

Workshops – suitable for KS1 and KS2 

TrinityLearning workshops are delivered by two trained and experienced teachers and can be customised to suit specific groups of children. We can provide all relevant paperwork such as risk-assessments and letters to parents.

  • Toolkit for Happiness – a series of five workshops to enable children to learn about different strategies they can use to boost their own happiness, such as getting out into nature, doing exercise, helping others or feeling thankful.

Click here to find out how we shared our new Toolkit for Happiness project with year 12 pupils from Larkmead School as part of their Careers week.

  • DIY assembly – a series of five workshops designed to enable a group of children to deliver an assembly to their class, Key Stage, or school.

Click here for more detailed information about our DIY Assembly offer and how they work in practice.

  • ‘Hello Abingdon’ community newsletter – workshops to enable a group of children to plan, write and distribute a local magazine.
  • Work experience – we believe it’s important for all young people to have the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to their local community and so we provide supported work experience to ensure everyone gets that opportunity.