Hello Abingdon

esc-homepage-imageHello Abingdon was first developed as a team-building exercise for Forces’ children joining schools mid-term, but has proved to be useful in building confidence and citizenship for all students. It aims to provide a relevant, active outlet for students’ learning, as they research and write a newspaper about their community. While putting their literacy and I.T. skills into practice, they learn through experience the importanceof team-work and working to deadlines.

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DIY Assemblieshelping-busy-communities-image

Gifted and talented children are given a real challenge as they are encouraged to re-interpret some less well-known bible stories and develop new ways to present their meanings to their peers at school.

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Supported Work Experiencework-experience-with-user-groups

A work placement can be a truly formative experience – the first taste of success for a less academic child, or a real sense of self-worth for those lacking in confidence. But work placements are scarce and the students most in need of them are often the very ones who miss out.  That’s why TrinityLearning provides supported work experience placements for Abingdon’s secondary schools. The students have a wonderfully varied experience, helping with I.T. and printing in the church office, supporting our user groups with catering or entertainment and undertaking general maintenance tasks around the site. At the same time, they are welcomed into a community of caring adults who make them feel really valued.

We thoroughly recommend this to all churches as a way of supporting your local school. Follow the link below to find out more about offering work experience.

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