• schools are often short on thought-provoking ideas for assemblies
  • full student involvement is staff-intensive and time-consuming
  • R.E. rarely challenges brighter students

THAT’s why we developed DIYAssemblies!

DIYAssemblies are a unique mentoring experience which encourage children to:

  • explore together the meaning of bible stories
  • reflect on how to translate the message for their peers
  • develop their own presentations
  • contribute to the school’s assemblies

How it works:
The school decides which children take part – we suggest 6-8, Year 6 G&T children.
We provide:

  • all the paperwork, including letters for parents and risk assessments (see below)
  • transport to/from The Conduit Centre
  • DBS cleared staff
  • all the equipment & materials they need, including laptops, cameras, costumes & craft materials

The students join us for five afternoon workshops:
Week 1:          The Story – Listening, discussing & reflecting
Week 2:         The Plan –   Team decision-making
Weeks 3 & 4 The Production  – Creativity, organisation, taking responsibility
Week 5          The Rehearsal – Formative Assessment
Week 6          Assembly at school – confidence building

This is all at no cost to the school.

Some assembly resources developed by our teams:

External Links – some interesting source materials

Paperwork to help you put on your own DIYa project: