Our DiY Assembly is a set of workshops designed to develop student confidence and emotional literacy.  We work with children on a theme chosen by their school and use a story from the Bible to explore this theme. Children then think about how they might share the Bible story, with the end goal being an assembly delivered to their class, Key Stage group, or whole school.

We support children to share and present their story however they choose, including through storytelling, drama, art, dance, and IT, and we work with them on their performance techniques, including voice projection and articulation. 

These workshops are great for encouraging teamwork and building confidence.

You can find out more about how DiY Assemblies work in practice in our ‘Mustard Seed’ blog post below.

The Mustard Seed: how TrinityLearning helped support a DiY assembly at St Nicolas School.

If you are interested in running these workshops in your school or want to find out more contact our Education Development Officer at nic.trinitylearning@gmail.com