Experience Easter – an island of calm in a busy worldchildren-wash-each-others-hands-at-the-servant-king-workshop

This series of reflective workshops, developed by TrinityLearning, enables KS2 pupils to experience the Easter Story and relate the events of Holy Week to their own lives. Modelled on Prayer Spaces, each workshop tackles an aspect of PSHE, including hopes, memories, fear and suffering.

Sadly, although we won’t be able to welcome children to Trinity Church this year, we can offer a safe, online alternative through our website with videos that share the Easter story and reflective activities. Click here to find our virtual Experience Easter 2021.



Reflective Space Workshops – time to think about yourself and your place in the worlda-special-needs-student-made-calming-jars-for-her-school

Reflective Spaces provide students and their staff with a time and place to tackle big issues through simple mindful activities, such as calming jars and forgiveness trays.  School halls or libraries are transformed using gazebos and drapes and volunteers work with groups of 6-10 children. Workshops provided in the past include Peace, Remembrance and Love.                          View Full Details

Thinking Books –  reading to help children tackle life

When our specially selected reading mentors go into a school, they take with them children’s fiction which addresses the issues a child might be facing, whether it be disability, socializing at school or difficulties at home. As the child reads, helpful conversations develop naturally.        Read more