Thinking Books is TrinityLearning’s mentoring scheme for primary schools. Our volunteer mentors go into schools regularly to meet children one-to-one or in small groups. They share reading of carefully selected books which start conversations about feelings and relationships.

Research shows that children can develop and improve their understanding of the thoughts and feelings of others through discussion about characters they encounter in books. The books and activities included in Thinking Books schemes help to facilitate discussion about a character’s feelings, choices and motivations.

We offer the programme to primary schools in the Abingdon area.

Each Thinking Books programme is made up of 10 sessions, which usually take place one afternoon each week, term-time only. Mentors generally work with 1-3 children at a time for a half hour session and usually complete two to three sessions (with different groups) per school visit. Specific volunteering times and dates are arranged in consultation with both our volunteers and the schools.

Volunteering as a Thinking Books mentor provides a rewarding opportunity to support children and their teachers.  Volunteers grow in confidence as they realise how much they can contribute to local school communities as well as developing new skills through our training.