Every year, Carswell school traditionally hold their Christmas Nativity and Carol Concert at Trinity Church. This Christmas, Carswell staff needed to consider how they would be able to stage and present these wonderful performances against a backdrop of tightening Covid restrictions.

In this blog post, TrinityLearning Workshop Leader, Taz Round explains how Carswell managed to safely celebrate and share their Christmas events.

Christmas Nativity: Key stage 1 children were able to perform in front of a live audience of parents and carers in a safe way with limited numbers in the church and safety measures in place with ventilation and cleaning.  The children were dressed in fitting costumes from sparkling angels to fluffy sheep.  The singing was beautiful, filling the church with festive songs and cheer and retold the Nativity story in a clever and fun way.  Afterwards, the teachers photographed each child in front of the magnificent Christmas tree to send to the parents and carers which was a great idea as the audience were unable to move around the church after the performance to take photos of their own children.

Carol Concert: A week later it was the older children’s turn to perform their carol concert at the church. By this time the Covid situation had changed quite dramatically which meant head teacher, Mr Crandon, had to make the tough call of canceling the live audience.  However, he did an amazing job of filming it so that parents and carers could watch it over the Christmas holidays. The children sang a fantastic range of songs, some traditional carols and some more up beat songs that got them dancing on the spot! Some children read excerpts from poems, stories and words about the Christmas story in between the singing which was lovely.

Tom from Trinity Church did a great job ensuring the technical side of things ran smoothly and Eluned and I made sure everything was wiped down with antibacterial spray before and after each rehearsal and performance. 

Although the events didn’t go ahead quite as planned we were really pleased to still be able to support and host Carswell children, teachers, parents and carers in their Christmas celebrations and happy to hear from Mr Crandon that, “The events were a great success… and the children did us proud with their singing, acting and stagecraft skills. It was lovely to all be together; thank you to all who came and followed our and Trinity Church’s safety measures.” 

Deacon Selina was sorry not to be able to be there but sent the following lovely blessing to read at the end of the carol concert. 

“As we have recalled the story of the first Christmas today, may we take from it the importance of being good news in our world.

May the bright shining star, encourage you to bring you joy to those around you 

And remind you to care for those in darkness. 

May the gifts that were brought so far and freely given, inspire you to be thankful 

And remind you to live generous lives.

May the songs that were sung in praise, joy and wonder, fill your hearts and minds with delight 

And remind you to sing out your own song of peace in the world.

And whether you are near or far from those you love, this Christmas, however you celebrate it, may you all come to know yourselves as treasured people,  embraced by the wondrous message of love that the Christmas story extends to people throughout the world. AMEN”