Some reflective themes for the garden:



  • Life choices
  • Communities
  • Contributing to school

Some design ideas:


  • Mirrored panels on walls between plants
  • Wildflower meadow
  • Bug hotel with green roof
  • Log pile
  • Children make small clay figures to be hidden amongst foliage
  • Air-bricks to look through
  • Light/dark “tunnel”

 Feeling safe:

  • Paved courtyard area – for storytelling, lying in warmth and reading, drawing etc.
  • Driftwood with “peep-hole”
  • “Viewpoint” or false window at end of garden
  • Willow arbour – den/safe place

 Being part of a community/making a difference:

  • Trellis work for weaving grasses, ribbons, paper, long lengths of wool etc
  • Rainbow seat or friendship bench
  • Water butt & gardening tools for children to water garden
  • Annual activity making windchimes/mobiles & planting seeds/bulbs
  • Artwork panels mounted on walls or floors representing the school community.
  • Weaving shelters

 Life choices:

  • Bifurcating paths in different materials, with “fresh starts” at meeting points
  • Light/dark “tunnel”
  • Caring for plants
  • Using recycled materials – conservation & fresh starts


  • Stack of air-bricks for writing messages/ wishes, dreams etc
  • Outdoor whiteboards or blackboard paint & chalks to express selves
  • Tibetan prayer flags
  • Water feature & wind chimes
  • Gravel or sand garden for handprints
  • Reflection cards