December is usually a really busy time for TrinityLearning as we welcome many local schools into Trinity Church to perform their Nativity plays and concerts. Although this year is very different, we still want schools to have accessible resources for sharing the Christmas story at school or at home in case of lockdown.

With that in mind TrinityLearning’s workshop leader, Taz, has created some short videos telling the Nativity story from the perspective of Mary, the shepherds and the kings. These versions of the Christmas story have been specially written for children to learn to tell themselves. We have used a method devised by Storytelling Schools where children hear the story, map the story and step the story before finally telling the story themselves.  Taz briefly explains the different stages in her videos which are suitable to use with children of all ages. We would like to thank Storytelling Schools for giving us permission to use their method for learning stories in our videos and if you’d like to know more about them the Storytelling Schools website is at

In addition to these storytelling videos, Taz has also created some great video and print guides for simple Christmas crafts. These all promote positive ideas such as sharing and giving and can all be made from readily available or recycled household resources. The crafts and stories can all be downloaded from our website at:

Please do send us a photo if you make one of the crafts! We’d love to make an online gallery to show them all off!