This week we dropped off the first of our TrinityLearning Peaceful Activity Packs. These packs have been designed to provide peaceful, calming activities which children can do independently or with their families.

Many children have now been at home for over three months and will not be returning to school until September. Parents may be working from home and/or caring for younger siblings and the stresses and strains of life have only increased during this time. Here at TrinityLearning, we are particularly conscious of the difficulties faced by those who are under financial or other stress at the moment. We wanted to provide something which could brighten the lives of children and maybe provide a few minutes peace and quiet for parents.

The activities we have chosen have been proven to be particularly effective in reducing anxiety, such as working with modelling clay, drawing or colouring. They are also fun to do and easy to share with siblings or for some peaceful family time. We chose the beautiful RSPB colouring books as these also provide an important link to nature and can be used as small nature guidebooks on walks.

We hope that these packs will also help to provide a link from TrinityLearning to the children who take part in our regular activities throughout the year. Our first packs have gone to children who have previously taken part in the Thinking Books Project at Caldecott School, and we hope to be able to offer these to the other schools and families which TrinityLearning volunteers have worked with regularly over the year.

These packs have been made possible by a generous donation from Abingdon Baptist Church earlier in the year and we are pursuing grant funding to allow us to continue providing similar packs over the next year. If you are interested in donating or sponsoring packs please get in touch at

Below, you can find a full list of our Activity Packs and the Ideas Sheets that accompanied them.