T’ai Chi for Teachers

TrinityLearning’s first pilot activity was a series of after-school “T’ai chi for Teachers” classes. Rosemary felt that busy teachers at the end of a day in the classroom would need an extra something to dispel their stress, so it was agreed that the classes could take place in the restorative tranquility of the church itself.

Perhaps not surprisingly for a new idea from a new organisation, uptake was poor. Teachers are busy – self-help and relaxation take a low priority. The classes were too early after the end of the school day and it snowed. There were a few regular attenders, so we pressed on in faith. Then we received this e-mail from the Special-Needs Co-ordinator at Carswel Community Primary Schooll:

“I decided to attend the Tai Chi group because I had heard that it was relaxing and in the busy world of teaching, finding time to relax can be difficult.  I found it not only relaxing, but energizing.   The next day I took some of the simpler starting moves and used them with the children as the end to a PE lesson. The effects were incredible and many of the children commented on how relaxed they felt. One little boy with suspected dyspraxia even commented how ‘wonderful’ it was and was quick to request that we do it again as soon as possible.

As a result of the positive feedback from the children and the way it made me feel, I am looking to find someone in the community who would be willing to start a Tai Chi club that children and staff could both go to. Thank you for introducing me to Tai Chi.”

T’ai Chi or meditation can make excellent starts to any school session, calming minds and refreshing bodies. We recommend material from Relax Kids as a starting point.