The agreed Oxfordshire RE Syllabus reminds us that RE can help pupils with:

  • their critical thinking, literacy, creativity and personal development;
  •  their authentic knowledge and understanding of different religions, traditions, beliefs and lifestyles within the local community
  •  to understand – and respectfully challenge and be challenged by – people with different lifestyles, beliefs and practices

How better to gain understanding and authentic knowledge than to explore Christianity in a Christian setting, with the help of trained Christians?

Sadly, school visits to church can sometimes  result in long talks from the vicar. Our workshops are led and developed by our Education & Development Officer, an experienced teacher, and are carefully crafted to get students thinking about what they see, with activities that encourage them to explore the church building, physically and mentally.  Risk assessments and colour printed worksheets are provided, all free of charge.  Currently our workshops include:

Baptism, Light & Communion:

What makes some occasions in life significant and how and why are these recognised and celebrated?

 How and why do symbols express religious belief?

Church communities:

  •  the ways of life in religion and how these stem from beliefs and teachings
  •  how people worship and the difference this make in their lives
  • how religious families and communities practice their faith
  •      how faith is seen in local communities
  •  how religions and beliefs influence the way people respond to global issues

Trinity has full cloakroom facilities and is totally wheelchair friendly.

If you are another church looking for ideas, please see below, look on the ReInspired website, or get in touch.

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