The best playgrounds offer students loads of activities to amuse and stimulate.  Others are literally full of children. Either way, school playgrounds are busy places  – yet they are also places where a child can feel very lonely.  For SEND students, especially those on the autistic spectrum, and for children experiencing social or emotional difficulties, a quiet area can offer a haven of safety.

A garden can also provide:

  • A safe space for mentoring
  • An outdoor prayer space
  • Opportunities for a gardening club
  • A sensory area for KS1 lessons
  • A resource for lessons in English, Art, Science & PSHE

Many staffrooms have long had a potential site in mind, but bringing a garden into fruition is a time-consuming task.   That’s where TrinityLearning comes in.

A quiet garden project can focus both your school and local communities, bringing them together in a positive and lasting way.

  • TrinityLearning acts as the catalyst:
        • site visit to discuss issues with SMT
        • working with school council on student preferences
        • providing and costing a design
        • filling out those time-consuming grant bids
        • project-managing community input on digging and planting
        • providing ideas for use in the curriculum
        • organising volunteers to work with children on maintenance 

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