Relaxation and looking after themselves are often the last things that a stressed teacher would consider, but stress gets in the way of effective teaching and transmits itself to everyone in the classroom. Place2Be surveyed over 700 Year 6 pupils and found that almost two thirds (63%) worry ‘all the time’; two in five children said their worries can get in the way of school work, and nearly a third said that once they start worrying, they cannot stop. Teachers need to know how to manage these sorts of feelings, for the children, if not for themselves.

TrinityLearning has worked with staff in the Abingdon branch of MIND to create a short INSET session  for staff teams in primary schools. Suitable for an afternoon or twilight session, we offer this free to our local schools. The course covers symptoms of stress and ways of alleviating the problems. Most of all, it gets people discussing the whole problem and realizing it’s not just them!

The links below give factsheets outlining our local sources of help for: