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  • Looking for new assembly ideas?
  • Trinity Learning’s DIYAssemblies enable children to interpret and re-tell bibles stories in dynamic new ways.
  • You decide which children take part – we suggest 6-8, Year 6 G&T children as the ideal group. They join us for 5 afternoon workshops and then re-tell these stories to their peers in an assembly or the classroom.

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Experience Easter

In just 90 minutes, KS2 students are given an opportunity to explore the Easter story together, through a series of interactive encounters. Modelled on Prayer Spaces for Schools, each reflective activity focuses on a different part of the Easter story & gives children a chance to relate this to their everyday lives, using PSHE – related themes such as “hopes & dreams” and “being afraid”.  The story is left to speak for itself, with no theological commentary, but provides “a time for reflection in a busy world” as one teacher put it – or, to quote a young visitor – “cool!”.

Sadly, although we won’t be able to welcome children to Trinity Church this year, we can offer a safe, online alternative through our website with videos that share the Easter story and reflective activities. Click here to find our virtual Experience Easter 2021.

 Quiet gardens:

TrinityLearning works with local schools to help them provide outdoor reflective areas, where children can be still and learn more about the world around them. By working in partnership with staff, we can design a garden that combines safe quiet areas where staff or peers can mentor students, with an outdoor classroom for Art, Science and R.E.. TrinityLearning offers free project management, including drawing up grant bids and organising community involvement.     Find out more

Workshops in Church:

Where better to learn about Christianity than in a church?
Aware of the organisational difficulties involved in any school trip, we’ll provide risk assessments and draft letters for parents, as well as learning resources. At TrinityLearning we are realise that children come from many faiths and none and we take care to explain “church language”. Our visits encourage children to explore the church and formulate their own interpretations of what they see. Our current workshops include:

  • KS1 Baptism and Light
  • KS2 Signs & symbols
  • Church as a Community

But we are aware that Christianity has played a major part in many aspects of British life and are willing to explore music, art, architecture and faith issues with secondary pupils.    Click here for more details

Putting Yourself First” INSET sessions:

TrinityLearning has worked with staff from the Abingdon branch of MIND to develop a workshop for primary-school staff teams. The aim is to get staff relaxing and talking openly about stress. Our workshop also offers some practical solutions that can be taken into the home or classroom.

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