Hello Abingdon’s free workshops are designed for Year 5-6 students who are:

  • finding it difficult to settle in
  • lacking in confidence or social skills
  • underachieving, needing a new challenge

Hello Abingdon provides a relevant, active outlet for students’ learning, as they research and write a newspaper about their community. Taken away from the school environment into an adult setting, they are challenged to take responsibility for their own publication, making all the decisions, from topic to format and distribution. While putting their literacy and I.T. skills into practice, they learn through experience the importance of  team-work and working to deadlines. Hello Abingdon uses church resources to link the needs of the school with those of isolated families and the wider community, allowing children from local and incoming families to learn together about their community and make a positive contribution to it.

Hello Abingdon supports The Primary Curriculum guidelines for inclusion and language:
4.6: Teachers should plan teaching opportunities to help pupils develop their English and should aim to provide the support pupils need to take part in all subjects.
6:2 Pupils should be taught to speak clearly and convey ideas confidently using Standard English. They should learn to ask questions to check understanding; develop vocabulary and build knowledge; negotiate; evaluate and build on the ideas of others; and select the appropriate register for effective communication.

Read our latest issue of the magazine:  Abingdon Gardens

Feedback from some of our schools:

“a good project which my children have really enjoyed”
BG, deputy head, recommending project to another head teacher

“Thank you very much for offering our pupils this opportunity                                                                    AG, Deputy Head

“The children had a great time with your team and were very proud of their achievements. Thank you for your patience and hard work with our children”                                                                                                                                     HOY.


“Many congratulations – a great newsletter, the children involved should be very proud of what they have done.”                                                                                                      Parks Manager, South Oxfordshire and VOWH District Councils

“Our students really enjoyed the experience; the primary pupils did a fantastic job.”
Secondary Head Teacher, interviewed

        “Thanks for allowing me on this occasion to participate. I feel humbled by having three children of my own who could relate to some of the comments that were made. I hope that in the future Trinity Learning can further explore some of the issues that Forces Families are experiencing and equally help them to ‘self realise’ the sacrifices and emotional impact ‘following the wagon’ may have. May I wish you all the luck in future ventures and subsequent projects.” Community Liaison Officer, Dalton Barracks

“We are a military family as my husband is in the army, he is currently on tour in Afghanistan, with just under 2 weeks until he is home. I just wanted to say what a brilliant idea I thought the “our life” leaflet was. I read it and some of it out loud to my children and they loved it as well. Being the child of the army life is so hard on children and if just one civi child’s parent read this and can take something from it will help. Thank you for helping to makeup children’s voices heard”                                                                                                                                                                         CM, (army wife & mum of 3)

We’re proud to say that, with the help of grants from many sources, TrinityLearning has been able to provide 17 series of Hello Abingdon workshops for local schools, distributing over 7000 magazines to the community. We’d like to share some of the paperwork we’ve developed, so that others can benefit from this innovative project.

 Some resources we have developed: