Our COVID 19 section brings together resources and information for children, families, school staff and volunteers as we all adapt to new ways of living and working. Some resources offer fun and relaxing free activities for children and families, whilst others highlight organisations offering mental health and wellbeing services. We will ensure the information here is kept up to date.

If you feel you have a relevant resource/information you would like to share please email us at trinity.learning@gmail.com

Support for mental health and wellbeing

*Updated January 2022* Help, Support and Advice for Teaching Staff for the academic year 2021 – 2022

Resources and activities for children

Bereavement Pack – designed for adults working with children, this Bereavement Pack uses resources and activities that have been recommended by bereavement specialists and adults who experienced bereavement as a child. If you would like a Bereavement Pack please contact us at trinitylearning@gmail.com

Experience Easter 2022click here for virtual Experience Easter workshops and reflective activities that can be followed from home or school.

Advent 2021 click here for online Christmas Mindful Pauses, Christmas Storytelling and Crafts

Peaceful Activity Packs – these packs provided peaceful, calming activities for children to do independently or with their families to help reduce anxiety and stress when many parents were working from home and children were off school during lockdowns. Find out more about the packs, their contents and how they were funded in our blog post at https://trinitylearning.org.uk/2020/11/26/an-update-on-our-peaceful-activity-packs/

Wildlife Safari Walks – getting out for a walk is a great way to get some exercise and improve mental health.


Updates for TrinityLearning Volunteers – we produce a volunteer update each school term. Find them on our Volunteer page: https://trinitylearning.org.uk/volunteer/